Keeping Pace With a High-Volume of M&As

107 placements across international media in 2 years

50% more placements year-over-year

Tier-1 headlines Fortune, Axios and more

The Need for a Highly-Trustworthy Tech PR Firm

Alloy has served as Sovos’ agency of record since 2016. Today, the B2B tech marketing agency manages media relations and thought leadership across a growing line of tax compliance solutions for Boston’s 3rd largest FinTech company. 

While Sovos has had an aggressive corporate growth strategy since the mid-2010’s, its volume of global M&As began to accelerate in the years following in tandem with increased private equity investment. The software leader needed a tech PR firm to keep up with its steady stream of corporate comms announcements, and moreover, could be trusted with confidential information. So, it turned to Alloy.

Sovos corporate growth and recapitalization news was covered in Axios, Fortune, Valor Economia and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Boosting Industry Leadership While Protecting Corporate Reputation

For several years, Alloy has expertly handled sensitive corporate transaction events. Specifically, in the span of three years, Alloy managed 16 corporate growth announcements spanning 8 countries, from Turkey to Brazil.

With each news item, Alloy focused on 1) minimizing leak risk and controlling the message, 2) elevating corporate value, and 3) raising company and executive visibility among new subsectors and geographies that the acquisitions penetrated. In addition, for every subject matter expert that Sovos welcomed via acquisition, Alloy created a thought leadership strategy to elevate their profiles both externally and among the growing employee base.

Interview Requests Flood in Despite Challenging News Cycles

In 2019 and 2020, the media was focused on the global pandemic and writers were furloughed/laid off – shrinking the number of available reporters. In order to break through, Alloy used creative storytelling to position each announcement within a bigger narrative. After 24 months, M&A coverage totaled 107 articles, including Fortune, Axios, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valor Economico and more.

And during the most difficult news cycle year to-date, 2020, Alloy secured more than 50% more placements than the year prior.

Sovos secures new investment from HG Saturn and TA Associates

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