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MarTech Magic: CRM Implementation Transforms Revenue and Retention

50+ key touch points in closed deals

+300% website visits from email

One of the best revenue quarters ever

Optimizing the Pipeline from Top to Bottom

geothinQ, a GIS platform serving a variety of industries including solar developers and commercial real estate professionals, began working with Alloy in 2020. Our SEO and PPC work quickly drove a solid pipeline of online leads – even throughout the pandemic.

With a full top-of-funnel, in 2021 geothinQ was ready to optimize its funnel further to accelerate revenue. So, it turned to Alloy again to develop a strategy for increasing close rates from new leads as well as retention rates with current customers.

Marketing Automation Seals the Deal

To both effectively enact and measure our communications efforts, Alloy implemented Hubspot for geothinQ. This MarTech implementation empowered geothinQ to automate communications with new prospects as soon as they entered the lead pipeline, nurturing them into becoming customers. 

Equally important, we created segments within Hubspot for existing customers based on industry, lifecycle stage and more. This structure was complemented by a corresponding customer success email marketing strategy.  Now, geothinQ was able to deliver timely communications to current users, including platform updates and news in order to make the product stickier and build brand loyalty.

Delighted Customers Drive Top-Tier Revenue Numbers

Within nine months, Alloy increased email marketing visits by 300% for geothinQ, diversifying website traffic sources for both prospects and customers.

This new traffic source also played a key role in converting free trials into paying customers, serving as key touchpoints in over 50 closed deals. As a result, geothinQ also had one its best revenue quarters ever, expanding new users and retaining current customers.

“Alloy is an extremely knowledgeable team of marketing and PR experts and have become crucial to our ongoing success.”
Chris Nichols
General Manager of geothinQ

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