Catapulting a SME into Influencer Status

From 0 to 13 Media Placements in 90 days

5% Follower Growth in 30 days

High Rates of Qualified Referral Traffic

Going to Market in the Tough EnterpriseIT Space

Boston-based Quickbase is one of the top low-code platforms. In 2019, the company spun out of Intuit and shortly thereafter its new CMO brought Alloy in to build Quickbase’s brand awareness as part of its go-to-market strategy penetrating the enterprise tech space. Then in 2020, Quickbase hired its first CIO, Deb Gildersleeve. By building Deb’s executive profile, we could build credibility and visibility among her enterprise buyer peers.

However, we had a big challenge in bolstering Deb – she had inactive social media profiles and no press experience.

Creating an Influencer from Scratch

Alloy immediately gave Deb’s LinkedIn a facelift, created her first Twitter account and began crafting content. We also put her through Alloy’s Soundbyte Media Training to prime her for press.

In parallel with this foundation-building, we hit the gas on thought leadership. For example, we made her the face of a new Quickbase/Harvard Business Review survey, authoring blogs and bylines on her behalf. In addition, proactive PR quickly landed Deb her first interviews.

By inserting Deb into low/no code social conversations, a contact at Forbes saw Deb’s commentary on #CIOchat and invited her to speak at a virtual panel.

Capturing CIO Attention in 90 Days

After 3 months of building Deb’s profile, she was a bonafide enterprise IT thought leader – giving Quickbase a direct, personal channel into enterprise ABM targets.

Specifically, her social profiles outperformed the brand’s channels with engagement rates 16x higher on LinkedIn and 10x higher on Twitter. Her social engagement also resulted in qualified website referral traffic and journalists requesting to speak with her.

Within just 90 days, Deb was quoted in 13 media placements (incl 8 Tier I’s) – representing 18% of total coverage.

“Alloy is by far the most strategic, creative, and data-driven firm I have ever worked with. Not sure what we would do without them.”
Shannon C.
Sr. Manager of Content & Comms

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