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November 03, 2022

Simon Cowart


VP of Growth

This originally rank in TopRank Marketing.

Focus more on post-sale customer engagement.

As we’ve already established, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to invest heavily in directly acquiring new customers when economic conditions are suppressing purchase activity. It does, however, make all the more sense to double down on your existing customers in efforts to shore up loyalty and secure growth opportunities.

Forrester recently shared at Forbes that “34% of marketing decision-makers who have management authority of customer engagement, plan to increase the budget for customer engagement headcount by 10% or more. The primary focus being tied between increasing the value of post-sale engagement programs by sharing customer experiences and demonstrating the impact of customer advocacy and references.”

New research by Alloy found that while “73% of B2B software companies have accelerated existing customer revenue goals over the past 12 months,” and that “41% of these brands are decreasing their emphasis on net new sales due to the prioritization of up- and cross-selling initiatives.” They’ve got the right idea.