Alloy logo

January 11, 2024

Jennifer Ready


Chief Creative Officer

Alloy mark layered onto black and white swirl

A look back

Last year was a big one at Alloy. We started with a bang, acquiring Narwhal and instantly doubling our size — and our capabilities. It was shocking how quickly our cultures merged, but as it turns out, we were all cut from the same cloth — with a strong desire to do our best work with people we truly like. Soon after the merger, we unified our services into a fluid marketing continuum, one that allows us to build brands, bolster them through targeted PR and marketing, create extensible platforms that support ambitious teams, and drive growth through ongoing demand generation and optimization. After that we focused on fine-tuning our outputs and making our clients heroes — all while growing at a rapid clip. It’s been a hell of a year, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why the change

Perhaps most important in 2023, we zeroed in on what the name Alloy truly means to us, and how we project ourselves out to the world. An alloy is strong. It's precise. It’s the union of elements to create something better. It’s our goal with every client — to help them create strength, resilience and endurance that has a lasting impact well beyond marketing and into the business itself. And so we set out to evolve our look and feel, and tell our own story in a way that makes sense to all our clients (current and future). Our new brand is the intersection of storytelling and experience. It’s equal parts creative and PR. It’s so us — and we hope you love it.

Our evolved look and feel symbolizes our approach: intelligence + imagination + intent — all with the express goal of creating stories that resonate and experiences that inspire.

What’s new

  • We updated our logo ever so slightly… Most people probably won’t even notice a difference, but we’ve stripped it back to black-and-white, tightened things up a bit, and refined it to nod at how alloys are portrayed in science: as dots that come together.

  • We refined our color palette. We’ve never been afraid to go bold with color — and this latest iteration of our brand speaks to that. We’ve gone vibrant — because that best reflects our mindset. 

  • We’re telling our whole story. We have a unique offering that not many agencies can tout. Everything we do relies on storytelling — visually, verbally and in writing  — so we’ve been choosy about how all the parts come together and the story that’s implied.

  • We’ve doubled down on results and relationships. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, the deep relationships we have, and the fact that our first client is still a client today. The people matter, the work has to deliver, and in the end, good goes around.

What’s next

In this digital age, we know brands live and breathe and we’re excited to evolve continuously, intentionally and maybe even a little serendipitously. You’ll see lots of new things from us in the coming months (and years) — but you can definitely expect the same dedication to what we do best: precision storytelling and experiences paired with long-lasting relationships and measurable results.