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October 17, 2018

Anna Ruth Williams



If you are lucky to be in business long enough, rebranding or refreshing your brand is inevitable. So, the million-dollar question is, how do you make sure you’re one of the rebranding success stories? When done correctly, rebranding efforts can help capture a new demographic, increase sales and keep you on top of trends. It’s also well known that rebranding has led to media nightmares when done poorly.

Are the companies who succeed simply lucky? Furthermore, did they hire a magician? Or, did they have the right strategy and team in place?

The below three steps were pulled from an excerpt of our rebranding white paper that will help anyone going on the rebranding journey to get started..

1. Reset

Begin by asking yourself and your executive team the BIG questions. Why are you rebranding? What problems are you trying to solve about your current branding that is keeping you from your business goals and objectives? It’s important to think about not only the present, but also the future as rebranding is a lengthy and costly process.

Next, bring in an unbiased third party. Even though no one knows your company as well as your internal decision makers, that doesn’t mean you can get through this process without a little help. Having an unbiased third party will help make the tough decisions you may not be willing to make yourself.

2. Refresh

Your role in the process is to be as critical as you can. You must perceive your company as your clients, customers and partners will. If you need more guidance on this, HubSpot has a free guide to help you out that we love.

3. Repeat

How many rounds of revisions should you expect? We typically experience 3-4 rounds with our clients, and even as a leading technology public relations firm, we went through 3 rounds during our own brand refresh. Keep in mind that rebranding isn’t easy, and it’s important to remember that your job isn’t to please everyone.

Finally, you must know that you’re never really done. Revisiting the rebranding exercise should be done every few years to get a temperature check on the overarching success of it. If you’re not adapting and evolving, you won’t survive.
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