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November 30, 2017

Team Member Renee Spurling

Renee Spurlin


Executive Vice President

In September, Alloy decoded public relations’ place in today’s world of account-based marketing (ABM). By targeting decision makers with personalized messaging across a variety of channels, companies can now break the ice with target accounts and avoid sales outreach coming off as overly “pushy,” with an approach viewed as helpful and engaging.

As our technology clients’ sales strategies shift to this model, Alloy is aligning our content, media and social media support to enhance B2B ABM efforts and #MakeNews that resonates with target accounts.

With that in mind, behold our ABM roundup – a recap of how we’re leading the way as a PR agency that supports account-based marketing campaigns.

Thought Leadership Addresses Challenges Keeping Target Accounts Up at Night

A marketing technology client that supports social and digital customer service recently enlisted ARPR to help support its ABM efforts through media relations. By providing a list of target accounts, we began weaving target customer names in media interviews, thought leadership bylines and blog content, showcasing what these prospects did well and offering tips for improvement. The strategically secured coverage demonstrated our client’s expertise and solutions to overcome industry obstacles invalidated, Tier 1 publications (such as CNET and Hospitality Tech) read by decision makers at target accounts. Plus, it linked our client directly to these target accounts, providing a natural conversation starter.

Reaching Key Contacts at Target Accounts with Social Media Advertising

Social media is also a key tool powering ABM. As such, we’ve targeted unique personas at identified companies for SaaS clients via LinkedIn ads. These campaigns raise awareness and ensure the companies’ content, thought leadership, announcements, and honors are seen by the right people. By targeting professionals on LinkedIn who have certain titles, skills, and employers, we’ve been able to drive quality traffic to clients’ sites with well-below-average bounce rates and motivate visitors to take desired actions. One of our most recent campaigns generated 31,252 impressions and a 0.314% engagement rate (benchmark for sponsored LinkedIn posts is 0.3%); further, 43.6% of users driven to the site from this campaign stayed and clicked through to the “Learn More” and “Contact Us” pages – driving conversions and increasing the data available on target accounts.

Increasing Brand Visibility in Front of Top Prospects

Educational content is also a great way to engage and offer value to prospects from target companies. We’ve used this method to accelerate engagement in a short amount of time.

For example, during a six-week LinkedIn campaign, we targeted key decision makers from a specific company list across three different countries. The goal was to increase brand awareness and drive engagement through a compelling manufacturing playbook. The playbook discussed Industry 4.0, a hot topic in the manufacturing industry, and the countries targeted had already been affected by this movement and had begun to adopt Industry 4.0 practices in their operations.

Through this campaign, our mobility client experienced a 153% increase in followers from target accounts on its LinkedIn profile, achieving the awareness goal, and also received a 140% increase in traffic to its website, driving engagement from target accounts. Throughout the six-week ABM campaign, our client consistently garnered click-through rates of 5% and higher, well above the average LinkedIn click-through rate of 2.75-3.5%.

As a tech public relations agency that continuously pushes the limits of what an agency can achieve for its clients, we’re proud to spearhead the movement of bringing public relations and account-based marketing together.Think strategic PR and digital marketing can support your ABM strategy? Let’s chat!