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September 19, 2018

Melissa Baratta


Senior Vice President

It's pretty much impossible to operate in the technology space and not have some sort of mobile tie-in, as mobility is fueling our digital age and redefining how we experience our lives. From a business perspective, the explosive growth of technology enabling enterprise mobility sector has empowered employees to work from anywhere. But while smartphones tend to get the credit for the industry buzz, they are really only a small piece of the technology puzzle, which is comprised of apps, devices connected via the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, wearables, cloud-based platforms, advanced wireless networks and so much more. In fact, the growing market, which was valued at $206.13 billion in 2017, is expected to reach $1225.78 billion by 2026.

Coupled with the industry’s tremendous growth is, of course, its evolution. What we consider to be “cloud computing” today did not even exist fifteen years ago, and at that time, the first generation of the iPhone hadn’t even made its way onto the tech scene. What’s next? While there are entire tradeshows dedicated specifically to uncovering what’s on the horizon for the space (ahem, Mobile World Congress Americas, CES, etc.), advancements in the enterprise mobility industry are actually occurring every day.

How can you keep up with the latest news, especially considering since mobility touches every industry? I’m glad you asked! We’ve outlined a list of 11 influencers that we recommend all PR pros (and clients!) follow.

1. Teena Maddox, TechRepublic With over 20 years of feature writing experience under her belt, Teena has the uncanny ability to tie together the style and substance of tech with timely events and observances. She often reviews the latest devices and the components behind IoT-enabled technology.

2. Ina Fried, Axios – Ina’s technology articles are one of the main reasons why Axios’ daily newsletter has become a must-read for the Uncommon Crew. She breaks down the latest news in tech in a straight-forward way while also offering readers a unique perspective to consider along with specific takeaways.

3. Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review– As the senior editor for mobile, Rachel covers a wide variety of product and solution news from up and coming start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. As you’ll see in her articles, she’s passionate about tech innovation and is on a never-ending quest to find the “next big thing.”

4. Julie Bort, Business Insider – As the chief tech reporter for Business Insider, Julie’s articles are often investigative in nature and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the worlds of the tech industry’s most predominant players, including Facebook, Google and Uber.

5. Lauren Goode, WIRED – Lauren has written about technology and conducted mobile reviews for some of the biggest publishing names in the media world (Wall Street Journal, Recode, The Verge).

6. Christopher Mims, The Wall Street Journal – In addition to writing a weekly technology column Keywords, Christopher regularly tweets about the latest world news as it relates to the tech space.

7. Greg Satell, Author & Speaker– Greg keeps a pulse on the latest trends in enterprise mobility and shares how businesses can apply these advancements to innovate their operations in his blog and contributions to Inc. and Harvard Business Review.

8. Heather Kelly, CNN – As a senior technology reporter based in San Francisco, Heather is fully invested in the Silicon Valley tech scene. She's written about innovative new technologies, examined how smartphones are changing our culture, and spent quality time with drones and robots.

9. Brian Heater, TechCrunch As the hardware editor for TechCrunch, Brian’s sweet spot in the mobility space is specific to anything that’s tangible, whether he’s covering the latest Apple iPhone launch, STEM products for kids or the fibers connecting wearable devices.

10. Maribel Lopez, Lopez Research – After working as an analyst for both Forrester and IDC, Maribel founded her own research firm that specifically focuses on enterprise mobility. She often shares her insights on artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT on the Lopez Research blog and with her Twitter followers.

11. Julie Ask, Forrester – In addition to covering enterprise mobility trends, Julie specifically focuses on digital transformation strategies for the workplace and improving the overall digital customer experience.

As a top tech PR agency working with businesses in the mobility space, we work closely with journalists throughout the full realm of technology publications to help our clients #MakeNews. Visit our results page to see the latest wins for our clients and check out the case study for our longest tenured mobility client – Azuga.