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The way students and workers engage with educational content has completely transformed over the last 5 years, resulting in lots of homework for edtech marketers needing to carve a niche for their brands.
McKinsey says anticipated higher student enrollment rates combined with the growing need for upskilling and reskilling has driven EdTech investment up 40x over the past decade - fueling an intensely competitive market.

The edtech playing field is crowded with enterprise-level vendors and startups that promise to engage students and workers both young & old. Despite their solutions’ differences, we’ve found that these brands share similar go-to-market challenges.

Meeting consumer demand for seamless CX & UX
Customer retention in the face of active competitors
Complex procurement processes & lengthy sales cycles
Evolving regulatory landscape & public opinion

Blending opportunities with smarts

With experience selling education technology to governments, nonprofits and businesses alike, we know how to seize whitespace and catapult curriculum to the fingertips of end users.

How we can help

Alloy’s solutions cover the full spectrum of marketing needs — from PR and comms to brand and digital — giving our clients a leg up thanks to greater alignment across the entire business and user journey.