A Midwestern SaaS Brand Gets the National Attention It Deserves

Dozens of website referrals, resulting in conversions

A 57% win rate on award submissions

Highlighted award-winning culture

Seeking Industry Validation

Omaha, Nebraska-based Buildertrend is an SMB technology company that empowers millions of construction professionals to build better through its cloud-based project management platform. To validate its name in the industry and expand its pool of talent required to support exponential business growth, Buildertrend needed to build brand awareness, equity and perception through an industry awards program.

Activating Carefully and Quickly

Industry awards are a dime a dozen and are largely pay-to-play. So, Alloy carefully identified opportunities that would elevate Buildertrend beyond the construction industry and ensure it was recognized via technology-focused awards that its competitors had not yet pursued.

Moreover, Alloy uncovered company awards that expanded Buildertrend’s reach beyond Nebraska’s borders to increase the pool of potential recruits in the surrounding region. We then built a narrative that highlighted the company’s key differentiators and submitted Buildertrend for seven award applications within the first two months of our partnership.

Building Notoriety. Driving Traffic.

The program quickly took flight. Four award applications earned Buildertrend wins and recognitions, driving brand awareness and supporting recruitment efforts. Within months, Buildertrend received bronze for The American Business Award’s Customer Service Team of the Year, a finalist standing for North America Employee Engagement Awards, a SaaS Award, and a place on the 2019 Constructech 50.

Backlinks on these organizations’ sites (which have high domain authority) immediately drove dozens of visitors to Buildertrend.com and its career pages – adding qualified professionals to the talent pipeline.

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