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Tackling a Rising Tide of Competitive Threats

90+ pieces of coverage, incl. Fortune, VentureBeat & TechRepublic

31% share of voice, outpacing nearly all of SonicWall’s competitors

3,700 report downloads in first 24 hours

Hitting Refresh

While SonicWall’s bi-annual Cyber Threat Report was already known as THE most quoted source on ransomware, it began to face noisy airwaves as data reports gained in popularity among cybersecurity vendors. 

As it entered 2022, SonicWall needed to differentiate itself and its report in order to not only remain the preeminent threat report, but to exceed past years’ marketing KPIs and fuel an expanding sales pipeline. 

Adding to the complexity of the challenge, SonicWall wasn’t able to retain Alloy’s cybersecurity PR experts until just 14 days before the 2022 report was set to go-live due to fiscal year budget parameters.

Rising Tide of Threats

With the clock ticking, SonicWall and Alloy partnered on a public relations campaign to promote its 2022 Cyber Threat Report. 

The content marketing piece revealed a record number of ransomware attacks in 2021 – along with rising threats across the board including IoT malware, encrypted threats, and never-before-seen malware variants. 

Having never represented the brand before, we distributed the report to key reporters, emphasizing data and narratives that showcased our new client’s broad cybersecurity knowledge base and thought leadership. We leveraged relationships with not only tech, business, and cybersecurity press, but also a variety of verticals including healthcare, retail, government, education, and financial services.

A Report Read ‘Round the World

The day the report launched, exclusive features (and backlinks!) ran in top-tier publications including VentureBeat, TechRepublic, and Fortune. Within just 24 hours, SonicWall achieved nearly 4,000 report downloads – a record number for the first day of the report. 

Ultimately, our strategy propelled SonicWall ahead of nearly all of its competitors in the media with 31% share of voice for the quarter. 

Nine months later, the report has had hundred of millions of potential readers and its subsequent reports have continued to shine – retaining SonicWall’s reputation as the most trusted provider of threat data.

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