Developing a Platform for Rapid Growth and an Unforgettable, Iconic Design System

We designed a tool to support big success and a brand to remember.

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In 2008, ParkMobile launched with a simple goal: make parking easier. Today, they’re the leading provider of parking solutions in the U.S. for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. ParkMobile’s remarkable success required an extensible brand identity and a flexible website for marketing and lead generation.

How We Helped
How We Helped

Brand & Design Evolution

ParkMobile came to us during a pivotal point in their success. They had a working brand but we had the opportunity to take it to the next level—creating a beacon to standout in the crowd. It was paramount that the brand identity and design system be extensible both online and offline. We delivered a design solution that worked as a wayfinding element and defined a brand personality.

Marketing & Lead Gen

Designing a website for ParkMobile meant creating a dialogue between a variety of audiences. We designed the information architecture and taxonomy to make it easy for parking providers, drivers, and OEM’s to do business with ParkMobile. We also created a marketing platform that would generate the best possible leads for conversion.

Conversion Optimization

With best practices in place and user journeys identified, we continue to optimize the conversion rate. We work closely with ParkMobile to make sure the right messages and content are delivered and the experience is fine tuned to create new, satisfied customers.

Flexibility & Scalability

We understood the importance of platform flexibility and scalability to the marketing team. We provided a flexible WordPress content management system that would enable them to keep up with the unprecedented growth and support future initiatives.

How We Left Our Mark

The Making of a Parking Icon

When ParkMobile engaged us to evolve their identity, they were already an established brand. Our goal was to keep it recognizable while elevating it to a more timeless and iconic place. We were inspired by Swiss design, embraced the simplicity of iconography, and leaned into the idea of simplification. Parking is a universal experience so it was important that the design was relatable to everyone.


decrease in bounce rate


increase in average session

Our partnership with ParkMobile lets us play a part in making parking hassles a thing of the past.

How We Continue to Support

Establishing and nurturing a relationship through commitment, trust, and a deep understanding of client goals.

Helping our clients succeed and anticipating their needs are cornerstones of our client relationship approach. ParkMobile and Alloy have created a rhythm that allows us to not only respond quickly to immediate needs but bring strategic ideas to the table that moves the business forward.

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