Blowing Fresh Air Into Inbound Marketing Efforts

Improved keyword rankings 432 positions

Increased organic search traffic 74%

Drove 22% more leads from organic search

Clarifying Prospect Needs and Motivators

Clarity is a low-cost air quality measurement and monitoring company with a mission to reduce air pollution across the globe through IoT technology. When the cleantech company approached Alloy, it didn’t have a grasp on how prospects were searching for air quality monitoring solutions nor how they progressed through their buyers’ journeys. As a result, the brand was not meeting its awareness and lead gen goals.

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Shining a Light on SEO

Alloy launched a three-phased research, planning and implementation inbound marketing program designed for a combination of quick wins and sustaining growth.

After analyzing Clarity’s website, we identified the top content and conversions that would help to drive our content marketing plan and website optimization recommendations. We then conducted SEO research based on industry terms, competitor insights, and prospect search habits to identify how prospects were searching as they identified and vetted solutions. This understanding drove a plethora of website updates and backlink building designed to appeal to both actual prospects and search engine algorithms.

Activating an Inbound Marketing Machine

Only 3 weeks after implementing our SEO recommendations, Clarity saw massive gains in its inbound results. Organic search traffic increased 74%, keyword rankings moved up 432 positions, and domain authority increased a full point.

The multi-pronged approach succeeded at increasing new leads from organic search by 22%, driving an immediate impact on sales efforts within days.

Alloy-Clarity-Case Study article image

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