The First-Ever Army of Awesome Achievement Awards

As the sun went down on Wednesday, November 20, things heated up on the virtual stage as our emcee, Miss Jessica Champagne, kicked off the first-ever Army of Awesome Achievement Awards. The ceremony, held as part of ARPR’s 8th annual retreat, was developed to recognize members of our team, often affectionately referred to as the Army of Awesome (AoA), for their individual contributions throughout 2020. We wanted to be sure that those members of the AoA who went consistently above and beyond to help ARPR PRopel What’s Possible, even during a global pandemic, were recognized. 

Yes, COVID may have stopped our top tech PR firm from flying to a fun, new city together, as we normally do for our year-end retreats, but we refused to let it stop us from partaking in our spirited ideal of celebrating success. 

The ceremony highlighted employees in four separate categories – 2020 Superlatives, Spirited Ideal Champion, Ideal Team Player  and last, but certainly not least, the grand prize – The AoA Outstanding Member of the Year. And without further adieu, here are the award winners of the 2020 ARPR Army of Awesome Achievement Awards.


In true millennial fashion, everyone was a winner in this category. Though, my personal favorite was awarded to our resident conspiracy theorist, Jhaunae Cephas, as she was voted most likely to to prove that Katy Perry is actually a grown-up JonBenét Ramsey.


In the second and third category, we turned to the team to nominate a co-worker, friend, manager, colleague or all of the above that has excelled in exhibiting our spirited ideals and team virtues (humble, hungry & smart) this year. As the nominations started trickling in, the winners were made apparent fairly quickly. 

To his colleagues, Chris Shattuck was a shoo-in for the spirited ideal champion. In Each of Chris’ nominations, it was easy to see how he embraced our ideals throughout each day, in every assignment he was tasked. A few direct quotes from his nominations below. 

“It’s easy to see that this person is passionate about his work, desires to be the best at what he does, and also wants the best for his team and his clients (in all things: service)”

“He is always on a quest for tier 1 hits, to write solid content that just has that edge, and to figure stuff out (passionately curious).”

This Army of Awesome member has a pretty permanent smile on his face, is always up to lend a hand and is constantly asking to be challenged…and challenged some more. This probably has a little to do with why colleagues nominated Patrick Christman as our Ideal Team Player of 2020. 

“He’s humble in that he asks smart questions to continue to learn, baby, learn. He’s hungry – asking for more account leadership, jumping into the cyber team, and continuously chasing top tier results. And he’s smart – quickly earning the trust of his clients.”


This award was deliberated on by the leadership team. The decision was unanimous as this person shined during almost every occasion throughout the year – well beyond just her specific clients and account teams. There was so much to say, we had to turn to video to make the announcement: 

While we do hope to host our 9th annual retreat in a new and super innovative U.S. city next year…who knows, a new tradition, born out of necessity could be a mainstay at the event for years to come. 

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Blair Broussard
Blair wears many princess crowns as COPO, leading talent cultivation, retention and training programs for the Uncommon Crew while providing strategic counsel and guidance to support the agency’s services and client base.