Stand With Ukraine

#StandWithUkraine: How our team is supporting Ukrainians

One of ARPR’s Six Spirited Ideals is “In All Things: Service.” Right now, the world needs service and solidarity more than ever. Our team shares organizations that they’re supporting as we collectively #StandWithUkraine.

Patrick Taylor

I can’t even begin to imagine the fear and emotions associated with my country being invaded and being forced to seek refuge in somewhere that is not my home. I would hope that I’d be welcomed in a neighboring country with open arms and some assistance so that I could resettle. CORE is on the ground in Poland supporting the immediate needs of people fleeing Ukraine in the wake of this humanitarian catastrophe through hygiene kits, thermal blankets, and emergency cash assistance. I’d ask you to consider donating here.

Cortney Williams

Mission to Ukraine (MTU) serves children with disabilities and women in unexpected pregnancies. As the aunt of a child with special needs, I understand how critical it is that these children and their families continue to receive the daily assistance and medical care they so desperately need — and cannot fathom all the new and additional difficulties these children are now facing because of this invasion. As of now, MTU remains open in Ukraine and needs donations to continue serving some of their communities’ most vulnerable individuals.

Anna Ruth Williams

Ukraine’s tech sector has rapidly grown in recent years. For example, one in five Fortune 500 companies use Ukrainian IT services today. I have been sharing the Tech Stands with Ukraine campaign on social media and with ARPR’s clients to help encourage global tech brands to stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Personally, I am in the process of international adoption, so the orphans of Ukraine have weighed heavily on my heart. I’ve donated to the non-profit Caritas which is getting thousands of children in Ukrainian orphanages out of the country and into Poland.

Renee Spurlin

Freedom of the press is critical to understanding what’s happening in Ukraine, how leaders and businesses across the globe are reacting, and how we as individuals can help. On the flip-side, government censorship of media in Russia was certainly a contributor to this invasion. That’s why, in addition to the money we’re donating to the Committee to Protect Journalists, my daughter also insisted on sending a letter directly to her friend “Joe” (Biden).

Letter to Joe (Biden)

Melissa Baratta

As a mother, my heart breaks for the families facing unfathomable challenges in Ukraine. I have been giving to two organizations supporting Ukrainians during this time: TechUkraine, a non-profit that is working with the local government to support the work of tech and communications professionals, and Together Rising, which is supplying medical supplies, food, psychological support, and safe evacuation and resettlement of refugees.

Blair Broussard

As someone raised in south Louisiana, it has been instilled in me since I was a small child just how far a small act of hospitality, like an offering of a hot meal and basic hygiene products, can go. I’ve seen it first-hand during the many years of hurricanes we’ve lived through. I can’t even begin to fathom how it feels like to leave my country under an invasion on crammed trains/on foot with little to none of my worldly possessions, not knowing what comes next. That’s why I’m supporting World Central Kitchen, which is serving thousands of hot, fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home, and, an organization providing shelter, hygiene, and mental health resources for those at the border crossing in Ukraine.

Erika Scholz Van

In the early days of the attacks on Ukraine, I was haunted by the images of families and their pets sheltering in transit stations while trying to flee the country. In addition to supporting organizations that are focused on humanitarian efforts, I’m supporting the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help protect animals during this crisis. IFAW’s Disaster Response team is currently working with partners to respond to the devastation in Ukraine by rushing aid to animal shelters, zoos, and sanctuaries in the country as well as neighboring nations offering refuge to displaced animals. 

Looking for additional ways to support Ukraine? Our client Paysend, an international money transfer app, is waiving all fees for funds sent to Ukrainians as well as any payments to the Red Cross.

Taylor Spung
Taylor is a "jill-of-all-trades," supporting all marketing and business development efforts for Alloy.